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Partner Highlight- Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS) Supports Innovative Program

SMART Management, Inc. and SMART Software would like to recognize SMART’s partner Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS) for their contributions to the innovative Seattle based program Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, or LEAD.

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The nation-wide increase in drug use has inspired treatment professionals and law enforcement officials to create new ways to combat the growth of this issue and to find more beneficial ways to dedicate funds that are historically filtered through the prison system. For those involved in drug use and associated criminal activities there is a typical cycle; drug use -> illegal activities to finance drug use -> arrest -> jail. Due to the persistent nature of addiction the process often repeats itself over and over. Addicts frequently return to the same behavior after prison.  An estimated 30-70k is spent detaining each individual for 1 year,  without a solution to the problem. (1)

Officials in Seattle have joined forces to make a real difference in a “traditional” process. Established in 2011, the LEAD Program has helped to address the cycle. Often when drug users are arrested, the threat of jail simply is not enough to stop the behavior. The LEAD Program gives offenders the choice between the detainment cycle and the opportunity to meet with a counselor for an assessment. After the assessment, they may be referred to the following; enrollment in a drug treatment program, housing assistance, and/or educational opportunities.  “…if the person chooses to take advantage of the LEAD program, the police calls the project lead at Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS) /REACH project.  An ETS staff member will bring the individual to the REACH office treatment center…” (2) The hope is that these individuals will spend their time in the program recovering from their addiction and setting new life goals. These positive results are already being seen amongst participants thus far.

Molly Carney, Executive Director at Evergreen Treatment Services said, “The LEAD program is a terrific example of innovative thinking that can happen when you get public officials, police, prosecuting and defense attorneys, case managers and university program evaluation experts around the same table and focused on solving a problem that required an entirely new solution.  By focusing on the intransigent common challenge and carefully developing the relationships between these entities, the LEAD Program has rightly earned national and international publicity with their early success.”

About Evergreen Treatment Services

“Evergreen Treatment Services is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which has been delivering evidence-based addiction treatment services in Western Washington since 1973.  Since our founding, we have earned a nationwide reputation for excellence in our work.  Our interdisciplinary team of professionals includes clinicians with advanced degrees in medicine, psychiatry, nursing, psychology, social work, and counseling.

ETS uses a comprehensive approach to treatment which combines medication assisted treatment with wrap-around services such as counseling, mental health care, and case management services.” (3)






Jimmy Fund Walk - SMART raises money for cancer research

The Jimmy Fund Walk

Jimmy-FundSeptember 21, 2014, The Jimmy Fund will be hosting their annual walk to raise money for cancer research. The walk will take place on the Boston Marathon 26.2 mile route. Proceeds from this event enable leaders at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to apply funds to promising new research opportunities.

SMART’s IT Manager, Mason Snyder and his wife Stacey have dedicated their time for the past 7 years to raising money for the Jimmy Fund. Above all they participate in honor of their dearly departed friend Janna Paster. In September, SMART’s Community Awareness Team will host a cookout to help raise funds toward the cause. All SMART Associates and nearby businesses are encouraged to attend. More details will be announced soon! If you would like to donate but cannot attend the cookout fundraiser please visit to contribute.

About the Jimmy Fund

“The Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai raises the most money of any single-day walk in the nation and has raised nearly $95 million for the fight against cancer since 1989. When you participate in the Walk, you fund raise for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s lifesaving mission to conquer all forms of cancer in children and adults.”

SMART EHR at Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference

Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference

utah fall substance abuse conferenceSMART Management, Inc is excited to attend the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference. The substance use disorders conference is being held September, 24th – 26th at The Dixie Convention Center located in St. George, UT.

In fact, this is SMART’s first year attending the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference. Particularly, we are drawn to this conference for its proven informational benefits to substance abuse treatment professionals. Moreover, attendees are committed to learning more about the field and to educating others on treatment best practices.

utah fall substance abuse conferenceSubstance Abuse Treatment in Utah

Utah treatment providers have chosen the SMART Solution’s opioid treatment EHR to improve their productivity and workflows. Most notably, we have proudly served Utah customer Discovery House – The Center for Recovery and Hope for more than 18 years. As a result, we have refined our EHR Software to meet the needs of this unique multi-modality Utah Treatment Organization. Furthermore, our customized Utah State model allows opioid treatment teams to increase efficiency when processing and implementing billing and clinical documentation requirements. SMART Software understands your needs and how to add value to your organization with:

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Robust Features
  • Multi-program capacity
  • Revenue Management
  • Meaningful use
  • Customer support 24/7

SMART Software is a continuously evolving, 100% paperless EHR tool. We are up-to-date and in touch with the ever-changing needs of Utah Substance Treatment, Behavioral and Mental Health Services. So, stop by our conference booth, get to know us, grab a cup of espresso, take a tour of the SMART Solution.

Also, come see why leading treatment providers have chosen our Software for all of their EHR needs. We look forward to seeing our current Utah State customers and meeting other area treatment facilities.


AIDS Care Ocean State Fundraiser at SMART

AIDS Care Ocean State Fundraiser

AIDS Care Ocean State FundraiserRaising Money for AIDS Care

This summer Associates on SMART’s Volunteer Community Awareness Team raised money to donate to pre selected charities. With this in mind, AIDS Care Ocean State was selected as our fundraising recipient.

Accordingly, the team came together to host a monthly BBQ lunch. Nearby businesses and SMART staff purchased tickets in the weeks prior. About 40 people participated in this fundraising event. As a result, the Community Awareness Team raised nearly $400 to donate to this charity. They chose to donate to this charity in support of the services they provide to individuals affected by substance abuse. AIDS Care Ocean State offers: syringe access, support/counseling, housing, HIV testing, HIV/AIDS prevention and case management services. AIDS Care Ocean State is the largest resource center of its kind in RI.

At the fundraiser, our guest chefs had a great time and everyone really enjoyed the delicious burgers!! Community Awareness Team Member Kristin Boulais said,”The employees at SMART are such a caring group of individuals. They are always eager to support charities and organizations that make a difference. Learn more about SMART

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About AIDS Care Ocean State

AIDS Care Ocean StateAIDS Care Ocean State is dedicated to providing quality housing, case management, medical and nursing care, and prevention. Specifically, they serve adults, families, adolescents and children who are affected by or at risk for HIV infection. Additionally, AIDS Care Ocean State will act as an advocate for individuals and families at risk. And they provide support services to ensure a high quality of life for the people they serve.

The Boys and Girls Club logo

Helping the Boys and Girls Club & Big City Mountaineers

Thanks to the generosity of SMART’s President / CEO, David Piccoli, II,  a group of home office associates participate in company-supported yoga classes. Moreover, associates were encouraged to select meaningful charities/non-profits to receive a donation of the class fees. Since the inception of SMART’s yoga program, the associates have donated to several deserving causes.

The Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls ClubIn May, the SMART Associate “yoginis” chose to donate to the Providence, RI chapter of The Boys and Girls Club. This organization is committed “to enable and inspire children and youth, especially those from diverse or difficult circumstances, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, and healthy members of their community, the State of Rhode Island, and the nation.” All donations are channeled to the Boys and Girls Club annual fund to ensure that children in need have access to a wide range of programs.

Big City Mountaineers

Big City MountaineersFor June and July, the class selected the Big City Mountaineers’ Summit for Someone Program as the chosen charity. This nonprofit raises money to send underprivileged, urban youth on life-changing wilderness trips with mentors. Most notably, the program has proven to decrease the incidence of high school drop out by 50%. Summit for Someone Program Mentor Kristin Re’s fundraising efforts supported an unforgettable trip with the children to one of the country’s most popular climbing destinations, Wyoming’s Wind River Range.

As a result, our associates are excited for the ongoing opportunity to help make a difference in their communities. Finally, SMART Associate “yoginis” would like to express their gratitude to SMART’s President for passing along his charitable spirit.

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NH Providers Association Conference logo

NH Providers Association Conference 2014

NH Providers Association ConferenceSMART Management, Inc is excited to attend the NH Providers Association Conference. This conference for alcohol and other drug service providers is being held October 16th at the Holiday Inn of Concord, NH.

This will be SMART’s first year attending the NH Providers Annual Conference. Networking at this event is beneficial for not only substance abuse treatment professionals, but also EHR providers. Attendees are committed to learning more about the treatment field and about educating others.

For more than 20 years, addiction treatment providers have chosen SMART EHR Solution to improve their productivity and workflows. Because we work closely with our customers, we are able to refined our EHR to their needs. This has allowed us to meet the unique needs of state specific treatment programs. Further, our customized models allow teams to maximize efficiency when processing and implementing billing and clinical documentation requirements. As a result, we understand your needs and how to add value to your organization with:

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Robust features
  • Multi-program capacity
  • Revenue management
  • Meaningful use
  • Customer support 24/7

The SMART Solution is a continuously evolving, 100% paperless EHR tool. We are up-to-date with the ever-changing needs of the substance treatment, behavioral and mental health services. So, stop by our booth to get to know us! Grab a cup of espresso and see why leading treatment providers have chosen our EHR for all of their needs. We look forward to meeting you in New Hampshire.

About NH Providers

NH Providers Association was incorporated as a non-profit in August of 2004. Their mission is to advocate, facilitate, and enhance communication with funders, policy makers and the public. They support the members’ efforts to offer high-quality substance abuse prevention, treatment and intervention. Also, the NH Providers Association provides recovery support services for the citizens of New Hampshire.