Leadership-University- 2014

Leadership University ’14

Leadership-University-1 Every year SMART Management and SMART Software host Program Directors and Medical Directors from each Discovery House location for a Leadership University at the home office in Providence, RI. This year we were pleased to invite the Clinical Supervisors to join us for a week of lively presentations and team building activities.

There is a great history to the relationship (or “partnership” as we call it) between SMART and Discovery House. SMART’s EHR Software was the brainchild of David L. Piccoli II who created efficiencies at the clinics through automation and establishing processes. That is when, how and why, SMART Management and SMART Software united with Discovery House clinics. Over twenty years later the partnership is stronger than ever. All SMART Partners (customers) reap the benefits of this relationship. SMART has designed our EHR Software to align with and leverage the real day-to-day operations and requirements of substance abuse treatment and behavioral health facilities. SMART’s EHR Software is time tested and trusted by the (18) Discovery House facilities that we manage, as well as, by our many other partners across the country.

Leadership-University- 2014 SMART Management was pleased to interact on a personal level at the Leadership University with Discovery House Associates from as far away as Utah. Moreover, the Program Directors and Clinical Supervisors found this experience to be invaluable to their professional growth, and to the continued development of their treatment facilities and staff. It is a chance for SMART to teach but also to continuously learn about the challenges that are faced on the clinic operations level. This is one of the many ways that SMART’s EHR Software is fully vetted and refined.

Leadership University 2014, was held at the at the Omni Hotel in Providence and the Whispering Pines Conference Center on the URI  W. Alton Jones Campus. Despite some rain, teams rallied and enjoyed indoor and outdoor events which included activities such as canoe races, scavenger hunts and frisbee golf. In fact, as a learning experience only one canoe capsized! The large group were split into three teams that worked together to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the 2014 winner. More importantly though, the days activates gave associates that may have not met face-to-face, but interact regularly, the opportunity to form bonds with other Associates of Discovery House and SMART Management.

Thank you to our President / CEO David L. Piccoli, II for recognizing and reinforcing the value of teamwork and partnership.

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SMART EHR Jimmy Fund Raffle

Raffle for The Jimmy Fund

jimmy-fund-raffleAs we move into the fall season, SMART’s Community Awareness Team raffled off gorgeous fall mums to help raise money for The Jimmy Fund, SMART’s spotlight organization of the month. The winners of the beautiful potted plants were announced during SMART’s monthly birthday celebrations. Thank you to all who participated / donated and congratulations to the recipients!

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SMART EHR at ASAP Annual Conference

Join us at the ASAP Annual Conference

asap-annual-conferenceSMART Management is excited to attend the ASAP 15th Annual Conference (New York Association of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers). The substance use disorders prevention, treatment, and recovery services conference is being held October 19-22nd at The Saratoga Hilton and City Center located in Saratoga Springs, NY.

ASAP has proven to be a valuable resource for information and critical legislative changes necessary for SMART to keep our software partners up-to-date within the state of New York. ASAP “supports organizations, groups and individuals that prevent and alleviate the profound personal, social and economic consequences of alcoholism and substance abuse in New York State.”

SMART proudly serves several prominent New York customers including Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Acacia, Greenwich House and Staten Island University Hospital. Working closely as partners, SMART has refined our EHR Software to meet the unique needs of each multi-modality New York Treatment Organization.

SMART Software is a leader in the state of New York, providing a Certified Paperless Electronic Health Record and Clinic Management Software to organizations providing Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Services.

Our customized New York Software model allows your team to be efficient when processing and implementing NY billing and clinical documentation requirements. SMART is looking forward to connecting with our current New York Partners and to building new relationships. Come join us for a cup of espresso and take a tour of SMART at Booth #410 & 412.