Aligning with Customers

The primary function of our Marketing and Sales Department is to support our customers success through the strategic development and implementation of new products and programs. They develop and execute branded marketing initiatives and provide alignment of customer related activities through effective communication.

Our Marketing and Sales Team interacts with our customers, prospective customers, vendors, state and federal agencies, and is active in several provider associations including AATOD, ASAP, ABH, and COMPA. This department hub for all communications, including company and customer partnership news, networking, social media, website updates, and product information releases on the SMART Solution.

Dedicated to delight

SMART’s Partner Success and Implementation Team is comprised of multidisciplinary experts with over 75 years of combined experience using the SMART Solution in direct care and management roles. They have practical expertise in operations, patient advocacy, confidentiality, management reporting, CARF standards, administrative tasks, self-pay and insurance billing, medical functions, and medication dispensing.

Partner Success and Implementation work with you to ensure your proficiency in the SMART Solution, enabling a quick and efficient return on your investment. They train partners in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand manner. By integrating their combined OTP experience into real life examples, they provide a level of comfort and confidence to every partner. They also facilitate web-based, onsite, and follow-up training specific to your needs. From the initial assessment throughout the entire implementation process, our Team works hand-in-hand with your organization to make the transition to SMART seamless.