SMART's Team - VP of EHR Product Technology

Product & Technology

Ensuring Success

SMART’s Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau, is responsible for ensuring continued success. He leverages his knowledge, experience, and most of all his in-depth understanding of our software. Additionally, he chairs SMART’s Product Management Team and works with the Software Development Team. As a result they have established and continue to support an agile way of working. This helps us to lead the opiate treatment field through treatment and technological advancement.

He also helps us reach our strategic goals and remain on the leading edge of technology in our industry. This ensures our success. But more importantly that we do our very best to help our partners achieve their own success.

Product Management

Enhancing EHR Software

The Product Management Team works closely with various teams in the organization to make business decisions and create product strategies that ensure the company’s long-term sustainability. In the execution of these strategies, SMART’s Product Manager works with key departments ensuring corporate goals are met on time and on budget while client and market needs are met. The Product Management team works with the Development, Sales, and Implementation teams to build and enhance products from existing ideas, and help develop new concepts based on industry research and the needs of customers and prospects.