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Improving substance abuse treatment technology

Interested in an EHR career? For more than 25 years we have developed a team of highly experienced clinical and EHR technology experts. Skilled software programmers, designers, testers and clinical, and operational managers make us a leader in the industry.

The result is a professionally designed electronic health record, as well as thoughtfully planned services and solutions. We know EHR technology and the substance use treatment field. Our experience allows us to design an EHR specifically for use in behavioral health and substance abuse organizations.

Our history and our team make us proud. We recognized our associates as critical elements. In part, because our associates are key to nurturing our legendary customer partnerships. But also because their expertise and agility continue to improve upon our product. Moreover, our associate’s clear commitment to an excellent product and superior support also strengthens our partnerships. Finally, it is our company culture that has nurtured a team of hard-working people. Indeed, our team cares about our company and about the customers we serve.