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Changes to Patient Records Software in NJ


New Horizon makes an essential move

SMART Management, Inc. serves New Horizons Treatment Services of New Jersey with patient records software for addiction treatment. Recently, this long-time community provider made an essential move from SMART’s legacy on-premise EHR software to SMART’s new cloud-hosted solution. New Horizon provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary outpatient addiction treatment services tailored to individuals’ needs. Services include counseling and medicated-assisted treatment (MAT) such as Vivitrol, Methadone, or Subutex. Following this transition, Billing Coordinator, Neerja L. said that “SMART response time has improved drastically. It seems to be faster, especially while generating reports. Patient activity tracer has two timeframe options, which is really helpful.” 

How is cloud-hosting important?

Many issues can occur when using on-premise solutions to store patient health information. Above all, on-premise patient records software do not have the capabilities to stay current with security and performance. SMART’s cloud-based EHR, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure hosting solution. AWS helps covered entities subject to HIPAA processes, maintain, and store PHI. SMART also employs several extra layers of security that protect data stored in the cloud. SMART’s VPC, dedicated servers, Amazon Aurora, Trend Micro, and Armor security provide exceptional data recovery and virus protection. Learn more

Other benefits of an AWS cloud-hosted solution include efficiency and scalability. Whether you run a network of treatment programs or a private clinic, the ability to grow should be within reach. SMART’s EHR leverages the latest technologies to adjust size and performance with no downtime. Also, you can save on operational costs without the need for the upgrades and updates associated with on-premise solutions. Learn more about SMART’s Cloud-Based EHR Software or get to know SMART’s EHR vendor partners.


EHR Software Vendor Serves Massachusetts OTPs


SMART, EHR software vendor for opioid treatment programs proudly serves Habit OPCO Treatment Center. Now, apart of CRC Health Group, these Massachusetts-based clinics provide medically supervised methadone and Suboxone (buprenorphine) maintenance treatment. They help individuals working to overcome addiction to or dependence upon heroin or other opioids.

Methadone has been used for decades to treat individuals addicted to heroin and pain medicines. Many treatment providers have found success in treating patients via methadone dosing when combining with counseling and support programs. Habit Opco is a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) Certified addiction treatment provider.

“With the ability to become fully electronic SMART has enabled us to improve communication within the program as well as ease the burden with paperwork. The medical order package has also simplified the need to write multiple orders when providing individual treatment to patients. As far as other departments go, another great feature is that we now have real-time access to multiple disciplines, medical, clinical, and financial. I have used two previous systems and this has been the best by far.” 

John Vinitsky, Director of Nursing, Habit OPCO, Inc.


Get to know other SMART EHR partners.

John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC)

John Brooks Recovery Center

About John Brooks Recovery Center

John Brooks Recovery CenterSince 1969 John Brook Recovery Center has been providing individualized substance use treatment services to the residents of New Jersey. It is their mission to provide quality and scientifically based services that promote prevention and reduction of addiction.

As a multi-modality addiction treatment facility, JBRC provides residential and outpatient services with medication assisted treatment (MAT) usingmethadone/suboxonee. The goal of their methadone maintenance program is to decrease the patient’s overwhelming need for opioids or heroin. Methadone is a proven treatment medication that helps to decrease withdrawal symptoms. Ultimately, this allows patient to focus more on participation in the structured programs at JBRC. They couple medication assisted treatment with individual, group and educational sessions.


“The SMART Software is easy to use and is very helpful for quality assurance, compliance, service reminders, and for billing procedures / comparison of services… We need to have continuous and up-to-date data to stay on track – SMART works.”     





Community Substance Abuse Centers


Community Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Community Substance Abuse Treatment Centers (CSAC) has been providing methadone dosing and counseling services since 1989. These services include treatment with methadone and other medications in combination with individual, group and family counseling. As a privately owned CARF accredited treatment provider they serve residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut.

CSAC also has a commitment to high quality care and are dedicated to treating each patient with compassion. They strongly believe that quality treatment depends upon having qualified employees. Furthermore, their treatment team is comprised of multidisciplinary professionals who are committed to providing excellent patient care.


“The efficiencies resulting from utilizing the SMART system, especially billing functions, has enabled us to devote more time to patient care.”

– Community Substance Abuse Centers

boston public health commission

Boston Public Health

boston public health commissionAbout

The Boston Public Health Commission’s Behavioral Health Services program works to treat individuals affected by addiction. They are licensed by the Department of Public Health. BPHC provides treatment personalized to each addiction treatment patients recovery goals. Their outpatient treatment program includes individualized substance abuse counseling, case management services, vocational resources and relapse prevention services. Moreover, their recovery support services incorporate high-quality, comprehensive, gender-specific and culturally appropriate treatment.


“The SMART system provides real time information that allows staff to feel confident in their clinical decisions.”
– Boston Public Health


Addiction Treatment Center of New England


Addiction Treatment Center New EnglandThe Addiction Treatment Center of New England in Brighton, Massachusetts, is a clinically operated drug treatment program designed to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for clients in Brighton, Massachusetts. Their programs help clients gain control over their drug problems and learn alternatives to their addictive behavior.

ATCNE specializes in the treatment of opiate dependency, adhering to a philosophy that methadone services are an effective treatment for narcotic dependence. They have been at the same location since 1980. ATCNE is a member of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc.™ (AATOD).

Contact ATCNE to learn more about their services.


“SMART integrates every facet of our clinic, from dispensing to counseling to administration. In terms of cash flow and billing Smart has improved our clinic incredibly.”   

– Administrator



Greenwich House, Inc. – NYC


Greenwich House was founded in 1902 to help Greenwich Village’s growing immigrant population adjust to life in New York City. While Greenwich Village has changed dramatically over the years, their mission has remained: to help individuals and families lead more fulfilling lives by offering social and health services, cultural and education programs and opportunities for civic involvement to New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds. Each year, it provides nearly 12,000 New Yorkers with social, medical and cultural programs, all aimed at providing personal growth and enrichment. Since their founding, they have served nearly one million New Yorkers.

Greenwich House’s Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program provides individuals dependent on opioids, including heroin, with high-quality, personalized care to help overcome their addictions. Patients voluntarily come to the clinic and are treated with dignity and compassion as they receive individualized medical care, counseling and supportive services that help to improve their quality of life, promote self-sufficiency and connections within the community.

Learn more


“The treatment plan is fantastic! It makes it easier for me to be able to put a plan together. It is one of the greatest features! Also the psycho-social summary is direct and straight to the point.”    

– Intake Counselor


Crossroads Centre of Antigua

At Crossroads Centre, they view addiction as a disease process, characterized by a dependence on substances, people, or behaviors. The resulting loss of control creates physical, emotional, and spiritual distress that erodes the stability of individuals and families.  This disease process is usually chronic and progressive, but definitely treatable.  We believe that there are two core goals necessary for recovery:

  • A commitment to abstinence from alcohol, other drugs, and compulsive behaviors.
  • A change in lifestyle that supports abstinence and promotes the healing process.

The mission at Crossroads Centre is to help individuals and their families begin this journey through a process of education and treatment. This begins with assessing the current physical, emotional, and spiritual status of the client, as well as the health of significant relationships in the individual’s life. Within their safe, confidential, and medically supervised milieu, education on the nature and progression of the disease helps to promote the need for abstinence for the client, as well as helping significant others in the client’s life understand their role in recovery.  Group and individual therapy promotes a greater understanding of the steps needed to continue the process of healing, and to maintain long-term recovery. Finally, creating an effective continuing care plan serves to support this progress, and results in an improved quality of relationships, careers, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Acadia Hospital

Acadia HospitalAcadia Hospital was the first psychiatric hospital in the nation to obtain the Magnet Recognition for Excellence in Nursing Services from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and continues to be a leading resource in Central Maine for the treatment of mental illness and substance abuse. Employing more than 600 professionals in the Greater Bangor area, Acadia is a member of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS).

Acadia Hospital is a proud sponsor of Challenge Day, and was the Executive Producer of The Road Back , an award-winning film addressing anxiety and depression among teens. Their primary mission is to empower people to improve their lives. Acadia’s vision is to be the first hospital of choice, when it comes to psychiatric and substance addiction treatment.  The mission of Acadia Hospital is at all times consistent with and supportive of the goals of its parent institution, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.

north-shore-lij - Staten-Island-University-Hospital

SIUH’s Hospital Information System

SIUH's Hospital Information SystemStaten Island University Hospital (SIUH) uses The SMART Solution, a 100% paperless EHR, as the hospital information system for their opioid treatment programs.  SIUH’s chemical dependency programs are licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and are accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Their services include individualized treatment for patients struggling with addiction. Additionally, they provide educational and vocational services and referrals.

SMART’s EHR – Hospital Information System for OTPs

Domestic and international substance abuse and behavioral health treatment facilities use The SMART Solution to manage their opioid treatment programs. Moreover, this EHR supports enterprises with an expertly designed system for medication-assisted treatment. The medication dispensing, record keeping, billing and Health Homes coordination are just a few features that help increase efficiency. Learn more