CFO Peter Morris Speaks on Health Homes


L-R: Peter Morris CFOO of Discovery House /SMART, Michael Rizzi President & CEO of CODAC and Susan Storti, PHD, RN Admin Coordinator for RI Opioid Treatment Program Health Homes

SMART Management/Discovery House CFOO Peter Morris spoke during the OTP Health Homes presentation at the 2015 AATOD Conference. Peter presented along side Michael Rizzi, President and CEO of CODAC and Susan Storti, PHD, RN Administrative Coordinator for Rhode Island Opioid Treatment Program Health Homes Initiative.

States that are interested in establishing Medicaid health homes programs need to be prepared to submit a state plan amendment (SPA) and prepare themselves for the in-depth process that is involved. Peter provided a review of the OTP Health Home Revenue and Cost Analysis as it pertained to the development of the State Plan Amendment (SPA) and ongoing financial components of this initiative. Requirements vary from state-to-state but for the purposes of his presentation, Peter focused on Rhode Island, the state where SMART and Discovery House are headquartered.

Also covered were the sustainability of the initiative, State budget factors and an analysis of claims data surrounding the three major focuses from a cost perspective: hospital admissions /re-admissions, emergency room visits and skilled nursing facility admissions. The desired outcome of this initiative is an improved focus on the healthcare of individuals, thereby creating a reduction in healthcare costs.

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About Health Homes

“A health home is a Medicaid State Plan Option that provides a comprehensive system of care coordination for Medicaid individuals with chronic conditions. Health home providers will integrate and coordinate all primary, acute, behavioral health and long term services and supports to treat the “whole-person” across the lifespan.”