Choosing an EHR: what to consider if you’re a start-up


If you are a start-up opioid treatment program, the checklist to open your clinic is a mile long. You start with financial analysis and drafting a reasonable budget. Next, filing licensure applications for the states in which you operate. Then you’re ready to decide about whether to purchase, construct, or lease your location. Finally, you are prepared to structure programming, materials, and identify staffing. While you’re thinking about structure, you’re likely also considering how to be efficient from the start. This point is where your EHR selection becomes crucial.    

Why SMART’s EHR is good for start-up addiction treatment programs

Competitive EHR pricing 

SMART’s EHR has competitive pricing that helps clinics scale up as you grow. Pricing includes Admission Pre-Screening, Admissions, Self-Pay Billing, Insurance Billing, Dispensing, Drug Testing, Appointment Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Detailed Reporting, and Free Data Backup.  

Specialized clinic management templates 

SMART’s EHR runs in clinics large and small across the United States. Because of the breadth of regions that SMART serves, this EHR has the State-specific templates and CARF accreditation templates you need to build a strong foundation for your treatment program.   

Unique opioid treatment clinic workflows 

As an opioid treatment provider, your workflows are different than other treatment programs. With over 25 years of proven success, SMART helps organizations streamline their daily processes with advanced automation capabilities to achieve optimal efficiency. Your transition to the SMART Solution provides immediate ROI. The powerful features and functionality allow you to build in business rules, including:  

  1. Screening & admissions 
  2. Service delivery & quality assurance 
  3. Medication dispensing & inventory management 
  4. Self-pay & insurance billing 
  5. Drug test management 

See how SMART’s EHR could save you and your organization a ton of time in a quick demo 

Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn health records software 

SMART’s EHR is easy-to-use, and SMART’s team has the experience to get your organization up and running quickly. Initial set-up includes a full assessment, data conversion, system set-up, and pre-go-live training.  Moreover, the Implementation and Training Team provides on-site and web-based training to ensure that teams are confident and ready to open on day one. Following the EHR go-live, the supportive partnership continues with SMART’s expert Support Team and Partner Services.    

Cloud for all 

Whether a small start-up clinic or a large enterprise organization, the benefits of choosing a cloud-based EHR far outweigh the benefits of on-premise EHRs. In fact, this is a critical component of establishing a reliable and secure foundation for your organization. SMART’s EHR is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This robust platform is HIPAA compliant, helping covered entities process and store protected health information.  Beyond HIPAA compliance, this cloud-based product increases efficiencies by organizing information in an easy-to-locate way, simplifying quality control. It also improves the speed and performance of patient dosing and reports by enabling simultaneous read/write processes to occur across multiple replicated endpoints.