COMPA Membership

SMART Management, Inc. is excited to announce our membership in COMPA (Committee of Methadone Program Administrators of New York State, Inc). The recent COMPA Board meeting was a great success and further extended our organization’s partnership with New York providers and our ability to stay on the cutting edge of major changes impacting treatment.DLP

The meeting was held at the Legal Action Center in New York, where SMART was introduced as a new Corporate Member. Our President and CEO David Piccoli provided the group with a brief overview of SMART and shared our interest in strengthening our partnerships with existing New York providers and staying “ahead of the curve with policy changes in NY State and ultimately providers needs.

The agenda was filled with great information including a Suboxone / Medicaid update, a Managed Care Committee Report, and an update on OASIS’ consideration of the removal of the OTP (outpatient) licensure caps. The long-term goal for COMPA is to develop a “universal tool” for treatment standards. We also talked about funding, the Governor’s budget, regulatory changes, and legislation on prevention. SMART looks forward to being active in COMPA and expanding this new partnership.



COMPA is the Committee of Methadone Program Administrators of New York State, Inc. They are a non-profit membership organization dedicated to treating addiction through the use of  as a part of a comprehensive bio-psycho-social approach to treatment.

COMPA members serve more than 40,000 New Yorkers from every corner of our state and helps them to overcome their dependence on illicit opiates and other drugs. COMPA, along with their other member treatment programs, affiliate members, and corporate members works to improve all aspects of patients lives. This involves advocacy with federal, state, and local governments as well as a variety of educational activities.

In the Cloud!

Pricing of our Hosted Server Solution and Server On-Premise Solution makes our Software economical for any agency to implement. Whether your agency needs to manage multiple locations, multiple treatment modalities, or simply would like to improve your workflows and the efficiency of your agency – SMART EHR Software can help.

Why Partner?

A partnership with SMART Software is so unique because of our experience of managing every facet of our own 18 CARF Accredited substance abuse treatment facilities. We know Opioid Treatment workflows because we have been perfecting ours for over 24 years and building it into our software. Applying this knowledge to the specific needs of multi-modality New York Treatment Organizations ensures that your transition to SMART Software is seamless and pays immediate dividends.