Crossroads Centre of Antigua

At Crossroads Centre, they view addiction as a disease process, characterized by a dependence on substances, people, or behaviors. The resulting loss of control creates physical, emotional, and spiritual distress that erodes the stability of individuals and families.  This disease process is usually chronic and progressive, but definitely treatable.  We believe that there are two core goals necessary for recovery:

  • A commitment to abstinence from alcohol, other drugs, and compulsive behaviors.
  • A change in lifestyle that supports abstinence and promotes the healing process.

The mission at Crossroads Centre is to help individuals and their families begin this journey through a process of education and treatment. This begins with assessing the current physical, emotional, and spiritual status of the client, as well as the health of significant relationships in the individual’s life. Within their safe, confidential, and medically supervised milieu, education on the nature and progression of the disease helps to promote the need for abstinence for the client, as well as helping significant others in the client’s life understand their role in recovery.  Group and individual therapy promotes a greater understanding of the steps needed to continue the process of healing, and to maintain long-term recovery. Finally, creating an effective continuing care plan serves to support this progress, and results in an improved quality of relationships, careers, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.