LIVE SMART EHR Software Demos at AATOD


Join our team of experts October 20-22nd at AATOD booth 201 for three days of LIVE SMART EHR Software demos. SMART Management, Inc. is proud to be an AATOD exhibitor since 1992, one year after the establishment of SMART’s EHR. President David L. Piccoli, II created this complete clinic management tool to streamline operations at his family-owned substance abuse treatment programs. Since then, SMART has expanded to serve national and international opioid treatment partners

The AATOD Conference is an essential resource to the opioid addiction treatment field. This renown association works with state and federal agencies to develop guidelines and policies to protect patients and ensure treatment providers’ compliance. AATOD works with members to increase public awareness and access to medication-assisted treatment. The theme of the conference this year is Managing the Opioid Epidemic Through the Continuum of Care.  

Showcasing advantages of Cloud-based EHR System  

Powerful EHR-Platform-powered-by-AWSSMART’s exhibit features our Cloud-Based EHR, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This powerful platform is HIPAA compliant, helping covered entities process and store protected health information. With hackers threatening organizations of all sizes, security is a top priority. AWS has built-in audit and data integrity controls, malware protection, encryption, backup and storage, automatic log-off, and contingency operations for emergencies or disasters. Learn more in the article 8 Great Security Benefits.  

What medications does SMART Management’s EHR support?  

Medications-SMART-Management’s-EHR support

SMART’s flexible configuration options allow tailoring of every EHR implementation to the providers’ unique requirements. Such as automating dispensing and inventory management of methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, and generic buprenorphine/naloxone films and tablets. Use of Vivitrol (injectable naloxone) is also supported. The medication management and dispensing module use automation and built-in checks and balances to simplify medication management and virtually eliminate medication errors. Auto patient check-in queue, dose verification signature, ID verification, and automated nursing notifications help to limit the risk to both the patient and the agency. 

Additionally, inventory management reports enable quick and accurate information gathering, improving inventory control. Moreover, SMART’s Electronic Health Record Software provides the tools and automation to be ready for DEA audits at a moment’s notice. 

What is included in SMART’s EHR?  

Increase productivity SMART's EHR softwareBeyond medication management, the SMART Solution includes modules for admissions, clinical and medical, drug testing, and an optional add-on insurance billing moduleAs a complete clinic management tool, SMART’s EHR provides the automation and reports capabilities necessary to streamline OTP operations. From admissions to discharge, this EHR helps organizations become some of the most effective and efficient in the industry. Visit us to see why some of the most influential opioid treatment providers choose SMART or request your demo today.