Remembering Ricky Froncillo, B.S., LCDS

Remembering Ricky Froncillo, B.S., LCDS

Ricky Froncillo, B.S., LCDS

It is with heavy hearts we say goodbye to dear friend and colleague Ricky Froncillo, B.S., LCDS, who passed away April 20, 2018 surrounded by loved ones. He meant a great deal to us personally for his always bright and inspiring personality and professionally for his contributions to the recovery community. Although he’s no longer with us, his legacy will always be an integral part of SMART 

After beginning his own journey to recovery, Ricky came to work for Discovery House / SMART Management, Inc in 1996. One of his favorite sayings from recovery was, “you can’t keep it unless you give it away.” Ricky was an incredibly humble and gracious person. He always expressed how he was “grateful for all of the patients that have allowed me to give it away.” He said, “they are the ones who deserve all the credit.”  

During his time as a Patient Ombudsman, he was elected President of the Pennsylvania Association for the Treatment of Opioid Treatment (PATOD). He was also invited to participate on the Joint State Government Commission of the Distribution of Methadone, the Buprenorphine Access Workgroup, and the Value Behavioral Health Workgroup that developed the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) for Opioid Treatment Programs.  

Remembering Ricky Froncillo, B.S., LCDS with wife

Ricky with wife Marian

For anyone who knew Ricky personally, his genuine and caring nature became obvious the moment you met him. His compassion was evident in his work and in his personal relationships. He was admired by all for his sense of humor, intelligence, love of music, and dapper sense of style. When he wasn’t dressed to impress in handsome pinstriped suits, he was in a leather jacket and jeans for a ride on his HarleyFor Rhode Islanders, he was a goldmine of deep historical knowledge and knew, quite literally, everybody; from the best Italian chefs, to jewelers, and suitmakers in the state, Ricky was always the goto man for where to go and who to talk to. 

His passions for life, those he loved, and his work has made a beautiful mark on this earth. Thank you, Ricky, for leaving us with so many inspiring memories. We will think of you always.  

“I want to try to inspire all of you to go to work tomorrow, do the best job that you can, be excited, be motivated, be enthusiastic – because our family, our loved ones, do appreciate what you do.” 

These were the inspirational closing remarks that Ricky made after accepting the prestigious Nyswander/Dole Award at the AATOD conference in 2015Ricky was honored for his lifelong mission of improving the lives of opioiddependent patients. Presenter Dr. Herman Joseph, PhD, NAMA, said his was “one of the most important roles, Patient Ombudsman.”