Associate Honored at AATOD Awards Banquet

Richard Froncillo, BS, LCDS SMART Management, Inc / Discovery House Patient Ombudsman and President of The Pennsylvania Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (PATOD) was recently recognized at the AATOD 2015 Awards Banquet for his work leading up to and during the 2015 AATOD Conference in Atlanta, GA. He was presented with the prestigious Nyswander/Dole Award.  Rick was honored for his lifelong mission of improving the lives of opioid dependent patients.

The entirety of the Awards Banquet was filled with powerful speakers and presenters that payed tribute to those individuals who have been nominated and selected by their peers for extraordinary service in the opioid treatment community.

Listen to Rick’s journey from personal recovery to now helping others in their journey to recovery.


AATOD works with federal agencies and state substance abuse treatment authorities to assure the quality of care in medication assisted treatment facilities across the U.S. They do so by helping members of the Association meet federally overseen accreditation standards. All of AATOD’s contributions to the treatment field help to greatly decrease the negative stigma that is sometimes associated with the medication assisted treatment field.