Substance Abuse EHR Software

Six Ways SMART’s EHR Increases Productivity

 SMART’s EHR software, powered by Amazon Web Services, is a cloud-based solution designed to help manage outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, primarily for treatment of opioid use disorders (OUDs) using medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

The SMART EHR aids in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment program through its patient-centered design, “100% paperless” capability, workflow automation, enhanced communication across the multi-disciplinary team and vital management-level reporting to support accreditation and regulatory compliance.

The implementation process for new software partners is fast and efficient, intended to get your treatment team up and running quickly, with virtually no down-time, resulting in a successful startup and future success. The process begins with a kick-off meeting followed by a full needs assessment, system settings evaluation, installation, training, go-live with on-site assistance, post-installation training and the eventual transition to customer support and account management. Our partners enjoy SMART’s unparalleled support services, available 24x7x365 with 5-to-5 coverage on weekdays. “We’re here when you’re there”.

SMART’s EHR will help you:

1. Save on resources:

SMART’s platform saves on operational and equipment costs, virtually eliminates software update costs, scales as needed and substantially reduces the burden on your IT resources.

In compliance with HIPAA HITECH and 42 CFR Part 2, SMART’s EHR utilizes fully encrypted data management and provides safe and secure access by authorized individuals anywhere. Risk is minimized while maximizing access, availability, efficiency and disaster recovery in a way that is simply not possible with on-premises solutions.

Ours is a high-performance solution developed with a deep, experience-based understanding of substance abuse treatment. Its ease of use and speed at accessing patient data allows staff to monitor and manage productivity, meet accreditation and regulatory requirements and ensure patients receive the services they need when they need them, even in emergency situations.

2. Increased admissions efficiency:

SMART’s ability to provide a “100% paperless” patient record plays a vital role in enhancing patients’ access to treatment. The intake process is based upon SMART’s own three-phased approach of removing barriers to treatment, initiating treatment and keeping the patient engaged for that critical first 90 days.

The pre-admission process helps increase intake capacity with its customizable screening questionnaire. It gathers all the necessary contact and insurance information, schedules intake appointments and computerizes required intake forms with appropriate signatures.

The screening tool helps to determine whether each patient who presents for treatment is a good fit for the services offered by the facility. Referrals to other agencies can be made and tracked should the patient require a different level of care.

3. Streamline medication administration while reducing risk

SMART’s dosing feature supports medication assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone and buprenorphine-based medications. The software supports split dosing, flexible take-home schedules (including planned leave such as vacations) and scheduled automated increases or decreases over time.

To virtually eliminate medication errors, the medication administration process employs up to 6 factors of identification for each patient, including the patient’s digitized signature. Individual dose amounts are calculated from the patient’s active medical orders at the time of dispensing with automatic label generation for take-home doses.

The medication administration process is supported by a comprehensive inventory management and reporting system, in full compliance with DEA regulations. Barcode scanning is also offered to facilitate compliance with the FDA’s latest drug supply chain regulations.

4. Promoting collaboration among the team and sharing of patient information.

SMART EHR’s patient chart helps promote patient recovery by keeping the entire treatment team updated on each patient’s status. Among the data collected are:

  • Problem statements, in the patient’s own words
  • Interpretive and diagnostic assessments using a fully customizable questionnaire
  • Treatment plans
  • Direct services such as Individual and Group sessions
  • Medical Orders
  • Urine drug screens
  • Medical problems, conditions and diseases (ICD-10 and DSM-5)
  • Allergies
  • Prescribed medications
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vital signs
  • Treatment alerts and notifications
  • Billing and collections data
  • …and more

5. Controlling lab costs and accelerating availability of drug screening results

SMART’s EHR aids in guiding treatment decisions based on toxicology screening results for oral fluid or urine samples.

Fully randomized toxicology screenings can be scheduled at the patient level for intervals from weekly to the minimum 8 times per year required by federal regulations.

Lab results for toxicology screens as well as GC/MS confirmatory tests are recorded in the patient’s chart as soon as they are available. This is typically within 24 to 48 hours but could be sooner, depending upon the lab’s capabilities.

Available reports include specimens due, positive results, negative results, summaries by drug category, statistical summaries and more.

6. Maximizing revenue opportunities

SMART’s patient billing system manages both self-pay patients and patient responsibility for third party payers’ unpaid balances. Self-pay patients are billed automatically with balances constantly monitored and regular alerts to remind patients when payments are due.

SMART’s integral and comprehensive 3rd party billing automatically bills for services provided and eliminates the need for a clearinghouse by directly generating EDI files certified by Optum Insight to be fully compliant with HIPAA 5010 standards.

Revenue cycle management tools and reporting support both cash- and accrual-based accounting methods, manage aged accounts receivable, help minimize time-to-payment and maximize collection percentages.

SMART’s EHR helps staff organize and conduct daily operations, increasing productivity and enhancing the attainment of executive level goals. Enhance the performance of your treatment programs, improving both business and treatment outcomes.

Increase admissions capacity, realize the efficiencies of paperless charts, streamline patient dosing while reducing risk, promote collaboration amongst your team, control costs, accelerate laboratory results and maximize revenue. Contact SMART today.