Supporting The Fix

the-fix-posterHave you ever wanted to help someone to better understand addiction and those who are affected by this discouraging disease? SMART’s partner Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Division of Substance Abuse Treatment, has helped to further demystify addiction with their contributions to a recent award-winning documentary “The Fix“.

In 2014, The Fix was named Best Documentary at the SOHO International Film Festival, AFI DOCS Official Selection, Official Selection at the Maine International Film Festival and Heartland Film Festival Official Selection. These prestigious awards are helping to draw more attention to addictions and associated illnesses. The rampant spread of Hep C was a huge focus. Throughout the course of this documentary filmmakers primarily followed the lives of three patients affected by addiction and Hep C.

There are many paths that can lead individuals into addition. No one starts out thinking that they wont be able to stop. One featured substance abuse treatment counselor made the point that, “It is hard to find people in these programs that have not been affected by violence.” A patient of the program shared that his path to addiction began after he was molested as a young age. Those affected by addiction unfortunately have often times  arrived in that troubled place in a desperate attempt to escape a damaging life event.1,2,3

Associates of SMART Management gathered recently for a company movie hour / lunch n’ learn in support of this powerful film. We saw first hand why The Fix received so many awards and critical acclaim. Everyone was touched by the stories that the featured patients shared and would like to encourage others to share this film with their co-workers, friends, family and the public.

We would like to thank Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Division of Substance Abuse Treatment, for their dedication to patient care and for taking the time to help produce this film, which is invaluable testament to the will and strength of patients on their road to recovery.

About Albert Einstein College of Medicine

einstein-logo “Over the past forty years, Einstein’s Division of Substance Abuse has helped thousands of men and women enter recovery and re-join their families and communities. Through recovery, individuals are empowered to help find meaning in their lives and integrate back into their communities.” Learn more…