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Product Management - Highlighting Talent

Business Analyst – Kartik

Business Analyst Joins Product Management

Kartik joined the product management team at SMART as a Business Analyst. Product management at SMART works closely with various teams in the organization to develop product strategies. This ensures the company’s long term sustainability. Also, they help to meet goals on time and on budget for SMART and out clients.

He brings a vast range of education, training and talents to SMART and our customers. Kartik continuously exhibits his passion for learning, sharing and growing. His unique problem solving ability is the perfect compliment to the talents of our team. Notably he has a Masters in Marketing Management and a Bachelor’s in Finance. Moreover, his experience in Project Management of Information Technology at Harvard is highly valued.

When asked about his experience at SMART thus far Kartik said, “It is very vibrant here and there are so many projects and exciting challenges ahead. I have some great team members, all of whom are extremely supportive and encouraging.”