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Clinics Data During Sandy

Your Clinic’s Data… Safe During Sandy

Clinics Data During Sandy

Photo by: Jenn Moquin-Pohle

As Your Software Partner, the safety of your data is our top priority. In an effort to anticipate the needs of our customers, we made the decision to dedicate our staff’s resources to help prepare and protect you against the threat of information loss during the storm Sandy. Our IT Team devoted much of their time to protect and back-up your vital information.

This was the first time in SMART’s 20-year history that we executed and implemented a customer data / information protection undertaking of this magnitude. We hope you and your families made it through the storm safely.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we move forward. And thank you for trusting us with your software needs when it matters most.

Best Wishes
& Safe Recovery,

David L. Piccoli, II