EHR Implementation Process for Addiction Treatment Programs

SMART’s EHR implementation process is built on our extensive experience and industry best practices. Our team has a total focus on ensuring that clinics’ transitions are fast and efficient. Whether you are already a paperless organization or if you are considering transitioning, SMART understands the challenges that you face daily. As a result, we can deliver a clinic management system specific to your OTPs’ requirements.

First, we emphasize setting a solid foundation with clear communications and processes. It is just as vital for you, the partner, to understand the process and requirements as it is for our team. In this way, every member of both sides knows who is responsible for which pieces of the project. Next, our EHR implementation team customizes comprehensive training before and after go-live. Finally, once training is complete, our Partner Support and Partner Success Teams take charge of the clinic’s ongoing care.

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Installation at Organization for Recovery

organization-for-recovery Organization for RecoveryThe SMART Software Division is pleased to announce that Organization for Recovery of New Jersey (OFR) has chosen SMART as the EHR Software vendor for their location in Plainfield, NJ serving individuals pursuing recovery. They address all life areas, assisting the client in developing their recovery and becoming a more productive members of society.

While there, we worked closely with 25 OFR associates to implement paperless clinical, medical, and admissions processes. Everyone was amazing to work with and were eager to learn the paperless process with SMART’s Software. It was a great experience to see them learn SMART’s EHR and to see the operational difference after just a few days.

We are very pleased and honored to have Organization for Recovery’s trust and partnership. They selected SMART for our expertise in the field, our proven software model for the state of New Jersey, and for the references they received from our customers.

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About Organization for Recovery of New Jersey

Organization-for-Recovery-logoOrganization For Recovery, Inc. was founded in July 1997 as a private, non profit treatment program primarily designed to treat opioid addiction for individuals 18 years and older through medication assisted treatment. Organization For Recovery administers comprehensive, high quality addiction treatment services. They also serve as a community resource preventing, reducing and eliminating harm caused by substance abuse for the surrounding communities.

New Brunswick Counseling Center logo

Welcoming New Brunswick Counseling Centers

New Customer Announcement

New Brunswick Counseling Centers Team

The SMART Software Division is pleased to announce that New Brunswick Counseling Centers has chosen SMART as the EHR Software vendor for their 2 clinic locations, in Mount Holly and New Brunswick NJ, providing comprehensive, evidenced-based, integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment services. They selected SMART for our distinct expertise in developing electronic health record software tailored to fit the mental health and substance abuse treatment fields. We are very pleased and honored to have New Brunswick Counseling Center’s trust and partnership. SMART is excited for the new partnership and looks forward to supporting this agency’s efforts.

About New Brunswick Counseling Centers

New Brunswick Counseling CenterFounded in the early 1970’s, New Brunswick Counseling Center became a private, non-profit agency in 1982. Today, New Brunswick Counseling Center is fully staffed to treat people with mental health, substance use and/or co-occurring disorders.

New Brunswick Counseling Center is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  New Brunswick Counseling Center is funded and licensed by the NJ State Department of Human Services to provide outpatient treatment for substance use and mental health disorders and by Middlesex County Department of Human Services.


Community Substance Abuse Treatment Centers New location

Community Substance Abuse Centers Opens New Location

Addiction Treatment in Jamaica Plain

Community Substance Abuse Treatment Centers New location

The Software Division of SMART is pleased to announce that CSAC (Community Substance Abuse Centers) has chosen SMART as their EHR Software vendor for their newest location in Jamaica Plain, MA serving individuals pursuing recovery. CSAC has been partnering with SMART since 2002. Their specialized programs provide individualized substance abuse treatment for all of their patients. Congratulations to the CSAC team, we are happy to see our Partners grow.

Community Substance Abuse Centers CSACAbout

Community Substance Abuse Centers (CSAC) is a private, outpatient treatment program which provides confidential treatment to people suffering from substance addiction. The program specializes in the treatment of narcotic addiction. Services are confidential and professional.

Acacia Network Promesa

Welcoming New Acacia / Promesa Locations

Addiction Treatment EHR in New York

SMART Management, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Acacia Network chose SMART’s EHR. Promesa (apart of Acacia) runs the SMART Solution in their Bonx, Buffalo, and Albany locations. Promesa serves individuals pursuing recovery from addiction. Moreover, they offer a range of services including methadone maintenance, outpatient and residential, residential detox, and mental health.

Acadia / Promesa selected SMART for our expertise in the addiction field and for our dedicated services. Furthermore, our paperless electronic health record software integrates all modalities they offer. As a result, their organization has the ability to run with even greater efficiency. We are honored to have Acacia Network’s trust and partnership. Michael Carruthers, Sales Director, said that “Promesa is a tremendous and sophisticated organization. We look forward to being their software partner for years to come.”

About Acacia

Acadia Network PromesaAcadia was established in 1969. The Latino-based agencies offer services in health, housing, and economic development. Furthermore, it is their mission to partner with communities, lead change and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families.

Installation in Puerto Rico for ASSMCA

SMART’s Software Division recently announced that the government of Puerto Rico’s “Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción” (ASSMCA for short) has chosen SMART Software as the preferred vendor for their eight treatment programs around the island serving approximately 8,000 patients.

In June 2014, the SMART Software team traveled to Puerto Rico for the first of eight software installations and sat down with about 40 associates of ASSMCA to begin their transition to SMART EHR Software. Our team worked with an exuberant group of employees with impressive and unique skill sets as well as an eagerness to master the software. The SMART Team is always excited to have the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with customers in a clinical setting to learn new things, meeting new people, and show people how to use and most benefit from SMART Software. ASSMCA’s associates have a wide array of backgrounds but share a single common goal – to help others. Fortunately, that is our goal too. We were appreciative of the talent and knowledge exchange that took place between the SMART and ASSMCA teams.

Customer Relations Specialist Sandy Silva reflected on our visit saying, “It was an amazing experience! They were excited to learn the software and, once they saw how SMART Software was going to make their jobs easier, they were amazed and even more eager to learn all about it.” ASSMCA selected SMART for our EHR expertise as well as quality of customer relations and support. We are honored to have their trust and partnership.

Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción (ASSMCA) was established to provide comprehensive care at a variety of levels of service which is offered promptly, confidentially, respectfully and efficiently. ASSMCA administers mental health and addiction or substance dependence services for prevention, care, mitigation, and resolution to promote and preserve the optimal health of the people of Puerto Rico.

ASSMCA also strives to ensure that their services are accessible, cost effective and offered in a high quality atmosphere along with respect and confidentiality.



Partnering with New Era Rehabilitation Center

New Era Rehabilitation Center logoSMART proudly provides a complete substance abuse EHR to New Era Rehabilitation Center, Inc. This a private comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility specializes in methadone maintenance substance abuse treatment.

New Era was founded in 2002 and is made up of two facilities, located in Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. They take pride in treating their patients with respect, compassion, and fairness while facilitating positive health outcomes and behavioral changes. NERC is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the Center of Substance Abuse Treatment, and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The New Haven facility is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Lead by former Kansas City Chief Fullback Bill Okwuosa, the agency is seeking to move to a paperless chart which allows their programs in Bridgeport and New Haven, CT to efficiently communicate and monitor critical business functioning. After carefully reviewing other software demonstrations from various other vendors, the team at New Era Rehabilitation Center chose SMART EHR Software. The whole SMART Team is honored and thankful that New Era has chosen SMART Software. Learn more about New Era Rehabilitation Center, Inc.