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Medication-assisted substance abuse treatment providers

SMART partners with OTPs to streamline operations and improve patient care. From admissions to dosing, this EHR software enables advanced automation and customizable reports. For example, the automated medication dispensing feature reduces dosing errors. As a result, patients’ safety increases, limiting risk to the agency. Also, SMART’s cloud-based EHR is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This hosting solution is HIPAA compliant and helps providers maintain protected health information. Learn more about our EHR vendor partnerships in the articles below.


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SMART EHR Customer CODAC Behavioral Health

CODAC Upgrades to SMART Software Version 3.2

CODAC Behavioral Health Rhode Island Substance Abuse Treatment Icon CODAC upgrades to SMART Software Version 3.2 at all 5 locations.

CODAC started using the first CMS version of SMART in 1998.  March 2012, they began updating to the newest version of SMART in all 5 of their locations.  SMART’s relationship with CODAC has spanned 20 years.  It is rewarding to have them upgrade to the latest version of SMART and see them benefit from all the features. they  has been a RI substance abuse and behavioral health cornerstone providing a myriad of outpatient recovery, treatment and prevention services to those struggling with the challenges of substance abuse, behavioral healthcare issues since 1971.