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Welcoming New Partner ASSMCA

ASSMCAApril, 2014 – SMART’s Software Division is pleased to announce that ASSMCA (the government of Puerto Rico, Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción) has chosen the SMART Solution as the preferred EHR vendor. Specifically, they selected SMART for our EHR expertise and quality of customer relations. Altogether, the SMART Solution now operates in their 8 treatment programs around the island. Our EHR will help increase productivity and promote patient recovery for their 8000 patients. 

We are very pleased and honored to have their trust and partnership.


Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción (ASSMCA) established programs to provide a comprehensive system of care at different levels of services which are offered promptly, confidentially, respectfully and efficiently.  They administer mental health and addiction or substance dependence services for prevention, care, mitigation and resolution in order to promote and preserve the health of the people of Puerto Rico.

Their goal is to promote, maintain and restore optimum mental health of the people of Puerto Rico. ASSMCA also strives to ensure that their services are accessible, cost effective and offered in a high quality atmosphere with respect and confidentiality.



SMART's Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau

EHR Behavioral Health Certification / Adoption Hearing – SMART Vice President Testified

SMART's Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau

SMART’s Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau

On Tuesday January 28, 2014 SMART’s Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau testified at the EHR (Electronic Health Record) Behavioral Health Certification / Adoption Workgroup Virtual Hearing on BH (Behavioral Healthcare) EHR Certification. Providence, RI based SMART Management, Inc. was invited to participate in the Vendor Perspective portion of the work group to offer a professional perspective on how ONC Behavioral Health Certification may impact the field. The following is a summary of his testimony:

“SMART Management started out organically to improve operations of our own substance abuse facilities by automating our information management systems ultimately creating a 100% paperless clinic.  21 years later, SMART Management manages and operates Discovery House, a national system of 18 fully-accredited facilities, and provides a fully-certified EHR solution with more than 120 installations internationally.

Our unique vendor and provider perspective allows SMART to understand both the demands and impact that national certification initiatives place on the end user and the vendor.

We recognized the benefits and value of a widely-adopted EHR Certification standard for healthcare. We chose to certify our EHR for this reason and, from a software provider’s perspective, to ensure business continuity in this changing healthcare environment.

In the substance abuse treatment sector, IT functionality has been fragmented at best. Even today, with many EHR solutions available, there is a wide range of implementations from nothing at all, to several disparate systems that have little or no interoperability.

While our solution is singular, comprehensive and ONC Certified, many of our customers are not pursuing meaningful use incentives, as it would require them to adopt workflows to demonstrate meaningful use that are not meaningful to them in their treatment environments.

While acknowledging the benefits of utilizing a certified EHR, the costs to implement an EHR are substantial. From a consumer’s perspective overall cost of health care provision is increasing while revenue is decreasing. Without some form of incentive, providers who are motivated by improved care, and transitions of care, would have difficulty covering the costs. For this reason, we feel that the potential wide-spread adoption of a voluntary behavioral health certification is low. Without broad adoption, the degree to which information exchange improves care is limited.

For information exchange between primary care and behavioral health to be meaningful and useful, a certification program must be based upon a holistic redefinition of “health care”, treating the whole person, body and mind. Primary care should have more of an interest in substance abuse treatment and substance abuse treatment needs closer involvement with primary care. The Health Homes initiative and State Health Information Exchanges are helping to eventually bring this together.

From the substance abuse treatment perspective, EHR certification would help to improve information exchange, but from a patient perspective, information exchange could be perceived as compromising privacy and confidentiality. This perception is more about the potential re-disclosure of information than it is with the process of sharing the information with a Health Information Exchange.

Confidentiality requirements in substance abuse treatment pose significant challenges to the providers’ ability to participate in data exchange. For example, uploading patient substance abuse data to a Health Information Exchange is problematic, because 42 CFR Part 2 requires signed consents to list all individuals who may access that data. This is difficult at best initially, and impossible to maintain over time as membership in the HIE changes. There are efforts underway (e.g. RI CurrentCare) to establish a process that complies with 42 CFR Part 2, but without revision to those regulations, it seems those efforts will remain hindered.

Beyond the benefits of information interchange, for clinical quality measures to be meaningful, they have to be specific to the healthcare sector. Uniform data assessment and measurement criteria in behavioral health would be needed to benefit the diverse community of providers.

In closing, while SMART is in favor of establishing an ONC Certification Program specifically oriented towards behavioral health, we would encourage that this program:

  • Be incentivized to maximize its potential for success, at the same time broadening the eligible provider pool to include clinicians.
  • Be based upon measures specifically oriented towards behavioral health.
  • Amends 42 CFR Part 2 to support this program, removing a major barrier to its adoption.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to offer this testimony and look forward to continued participate in the future.” A part of what makes SMART such a great company to work for is our associates. Each and every member of our team is valued for their individuality and commitment to those we serve.

Get to know our company history…For more than 20 years, SMART’s expertise in managing substance abuse treatment facilities and partnerships with EHR Software customers from around the world has fueled our software innovations.

There is always something new and exciting happening at SMART. Our news page is host to a wide range of articles and topics that will help get you caught up on company updates, customer news and industry trends.


SMART EHR Software Team Photo for Behavioral Healthcare Magazine

REAL People – REAL Software

REAL People - REAL SoftwareWhy Are We Real?

If you are already a SMART Software Customer you will probably know most of the faces featured in our new ad series running in Behavioral Healthcare Magazine. We know that many of our long-standing customers have continued to use SMART Software because of the partnership and trust that go along with it. Since our main focus is our existing customers, we wanted to speak to you in a familiar voice. Although product and features are important, we wanted to do more than simply listing qualities of our EHR Software, talking about our 100% ONC Certification or our Software’s Meaningful Use features.  Our new “Real” ad series features our President and CEO David Piccoli, II and many other SMART staff members. Even David’s father, David Piccoli, Sr. makes an appearance.

We take pride in every relationship that we have developed and our main focus is to continually cultivate and strengthen the trust and partnerships between our customers and our staff. Our commitment is to customer delight and we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied. Being knowledgeable and responsive to the individual customer experience is of the utmost importance to our future development and us. Furthermore, it is our goal to grow with you and to become a valuable tool to assist your agency in becoming even more efficient. We would love to hear from you! Not just to learn about your experience but to find out how we can improve. Thank you for giving is the opportunity to serve you! We look forward to our continued partnership.

Be on the lookout for upcoming SMART Ads!

AATOD Director Condit with William White at SMART's Software Booth

Program Director Experience at AATOD

AATOD Director Condit _ William White copy

Director Condit with William White

This year SMART Management, Inc. invited Discovery House Program Director, Cassity Condit of the Orem, UT facility to attend the AATOD (American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence) Conference in Philadelphia, PA. Discovery House – The Center for Recovery and Hope– is owned and operated by SMART Management, Inc.  SMART has been running their Software in Discovery House clinics for more than 20 years. Discovery House Associates are experts in substance abuse treatment and clinic operations, and are always the first to use the latest and greatest versions of SMART Software. It is for these reasons that SMART has a vested interest in the education and growth of Discovery House associates.  Their years of hands-on experience with SMART Management and SMART Software make Discovery House Associates highly knowledgeable software users and the perfect teachers. They are experts in providing personal software demos to others within the substance abuse and behavioral treatment field.

Director Condit’s software user know-how enhanced SMART’s presence at this year’s Conference.  Cassity provided a first hand review of how she applies each of the SMART Software Modules at her facility.  From seasoned customers, to prospective customers, everyone who interacted with her at the SMART Software demo stations learned something new and useful about the software and how to maximize all of its available functions.

For Cassity, AATOD is an excellent conference to participate in because of the Association’s ties to the Opioid Treatment field, and because of their contributions to the opioid treatment provider community. Supporting this conference is crucial as it is a main funding source for AATOD the organization.  As a Discovery House Director, many of the other conferences that she normally attends are primarily based in abstinence from substance use and leave very little room for discussions about medication-assisted recovery. Conversely, AATOD focuses on the medication assisted treatment sector of substance abuse treatment and provides very pertinent information that can easily be applied to a treatment facilities’ daily activities.

She noted, that for her, one of the main highlights of the 5-day conference was meeting William White. Mr. White is an award-winning consultant in the field of substance abuse treatment. In his 45 years of work he has achieved many great successes as a; community activist, counselor, clinical director, administrator, research associate, clinic founder, author, PBS contributor and consultant for an HBO special “Addiction”.

In reflection, Cassity said that she was excited for the opportunity to cultivate relationships with other professionals in the treatment field. She was able to meet many SMART customers and had the chance to give them personalized, one-on-one software demos and troubleshooting sessions.   She remarked that, “AATOD is one of the most applicable and valuable conferences for treatment providers and software customers.  I had a wonderful time with the SMART Team and customers at the booth. This conference gave me the opportunity to further experience and appreciate the REAL Relationships and REAL Partnerships that SMART nurtures with their customers and associates.” A part of what makes SMART such a great company to work for is our associates. Each and every member of our team is valued for their individuality and commitment to those we serve.

Get to know our company history…For more than 20 years, SMART’s expertise in managing substance abuse treatment facilities and partnerships with EHR Software customers from around the world has fueled our software innovations.

There is always something new and exciting happening at SMART. Our news page is host to a wide range of articles and topics that will help get you caught up on company updates, customer news and industry trends.


SMART EHR Software Partner Dr. First

Business Partnership – Putting You First with DrFirst

Dr. First PartnerDecember 2012, SMART announces their partnership with DrFirst, the nation’s leading e-prescribing and solutions platform physician practices, major health plans, health systems, hospitals, and EHR vendors. A Surescripts Gold Certified solution provider for four consecutive years with its award-winning Rcopia electronic prescription management system, DrFirst utilizes the Surescripts network for pharmacy connectivity, health plan information, and patient medication history.

SMART has completed it development efforts and now provides seamless integration linking Rcopia with The SMART System. SMART will still provide the primary point of entry for patient health data, but prescriptions and entries made directly to Rcopia will be automatically reconciled to the individual SMART patient records, keeping both platforms “in sync”.

SMART Customer Promesa

Software Partnership with Promesa, Inc.

promesa locationWe would like to welcome Promesa Inc. of Bronx, NY to SMART’s family of software partners. SMART is now fully utilized and integrated as a paperless system in all of the medication assisted treatment modalities that Promesa offers. Our Team is proud to serve such an amazing and influential community behavioral health resource. Promesa is an affordable community based drug and alcohol rehab facility that is a part of the Acacia treatment family, the largest Latino based behavioral health treatment facility in the world.

SMART would like to thank Promesa for their hospitality during our recent installation and training of the SMART’s Clinic Management Solution. The team at SMART is excited for the software transition that has been made, and we are fully prepared to support Promesa as a new SMART Partner.

About SMART Management, Inc.:
SMART’s Electronic Medical Record  is designed to meet your facilities every need. SMART Software manages your facility from admission to annual report. SMART’s Clinical, Medical and Financial Software Modules integrate any multi-modality treatment facility including Residential or Outpatient Substance Abuse, Methadone Maintenance and Behavioral Health. Learn how SMART can be your Partner.

AATOD 2012 SMART management, inc

Thank You for Joining Us!

It was a pleasure to see every one of you at this year’s AATOD Conference.  I am very pleased that many of you were able to take the time out of your busy conference schedules to visit with me and spend time with some of the SMART Team.

As always, our interactions with you were not only enjoyable, but extremely insightful. The SMART Team always appreciates the opportunity to spend one-on-one time discussing your needs and learning more about your unique experience with our software or our services.

In Reflection


SMART ‘s New Booth!

We were encouraged to hear that our key areas of focus in the booth were a clear reflection of your expressed needs as a SMART customer.  We recognize that our customers face certain challenges and we are ready to provide solutions that exceed your expectations in the following areas:

Dianne & David Piccoli Sr. enjoying another great AATOD

Dianne & David Piccoli Sr. enjoying another great AATOD

AATOD Highlights

  • SMART’s 20th Anniversary Celebration!
  • New branding and booth reveal.
  • Customer appreciation cocktail party held at the Stratosphere, hosted with Clinical Science and VistaPharm. This was bigger than any AATOD Party to date!
  • Grand prize customer gift giveaway; congratulations to Tadiso Incorporated!
Left to right: Richard Froncillo- Director of Patient Advocacy & Peter Morris- COO

Left to right: Richard Froncillo- Director of Patient Advocacy & Peter Morris- COO

We are very excited for all of the feedback that we received about our new SMART branding, booth and product offerings.

I would like to encourage all of our SMART Partners to continue to give us feedback about our company and your specific needs. After all, your needs drive our goals for continuous improvement and customer delight.

We look forward to seeing you again in Philadelphia for AATOD 2013!


David L. Piccoli, II

CEO / President