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JBRC Pleasantville

Success! Opioid Treatment in Pleasantville

JBRC PleasantvilleNew to Pleasantville

June, 2016 – Congratulations to the staff and leadership team at John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC) on the successful opening of a much needed clinic in Pleasantville, NJ. After more than ten years, their efforts are finally being realized as they are poised to bring more addiction recovery services to those in need in Atlantic City and its surrounding communities. Mayor Jesse Tweedle said, “There’s definitely a need for this in the region. Our cops have Narcan now to help with overdoses and they’re saving people. We are all working in a partnership and being proactive to step up and fight substance abuse…”

With the ability to serve up to 700 patients, JRBC looks forward to bringing positive change and recovery to the area. Read the full article.

About JBRC

John Brooks Recovery Center has been helping people find their way out of addiction since 1969. JBRC is a comprehensive, multi-modality, addiction treatment facility, providing both residential and outpatient services.