ASAP 16th Annual Conference

ASAP_LogoAre you an addiction treatment professional in New York State? Join us at the ASAP 16th Annual Conference (Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State Association) at the Saratoga Hilton and City Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.

ASAP is an excellent resource for organizations, groups and individuals that prevent and alleviate the profound personal, social and economic consequences of alcoholism and substance abuse. SMART proudly serves several prominent New York customers including Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Acacia, Greenwich House and Staten Island University Hospital. Working closely as partners, SMART has refined our EHR Software to meet the unique needs of each multi-modality New York Treatment Organization.

SMART Software is a leader in the state of New York, providing a Certified Paperless Electronic Health Record and Clinic Management Software to organizations providing Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Services. Our customized New York Software model allows your team to be efficient when processing and implementing NY billing and clinical documentation requirements.

SMART EHR at Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference

Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference

utah fall substance abuse conferenceSMART Management, Inc is excited to attend the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference. The substance use disorders conference is being held September, 24th – 26th at The Dixie Convention Center located in St. George, UT.

In fact, this is SMART’s first year attending the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference. Particularly, we are drawn to this conference for its proven informational benefits to substance abuse treatment professionals. Moreover, attendees are committed to learning more about the field and to educating others on treatment best practices.

utah fall substance abuse conferenceSubstance Abuse Treatment in Utah

Utah treatment providers have chosen the SMART Solution’s opioid treatment EHR to improve their productivity and workflows. Most notably, we have proudly served Utah customer Discovery House – The Center for Recovery and Hope for more than 18 years. As a result, we have refined our EHR Software to meet the needs of this unique multi-modality Utah Treatment Organization. Furthermore, our customized Utah State model allows opioid treatment teams to increase efficiency when processing and implementing billing and clinical documentation requirements. SMART Software understands your needs and how to add value to your organization with:

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Robust Features
  • Multi-program capacity
  • Revenue Management
  • Meaningful use
  • Customer support 24/7

SMART Software is a continuously evolving, 100% paperless EHR tool. We are up-to-date and in touch with the ever-changing needs of Utah Substance Treatment, Behavioral and Mental Health Services. So, stop by our conference booth, get to know us, grab a cup of espresso, take a tour of the SMART Solution.

Also, come see why leading treatment providers have chosen our Software for all of their EHR needs. We look forward to seeing our current Utah State customers and meeting other area treatment facilities.


NH Providers Association Conference logo

NH Providers Association Conference 2014

NH Providers Association ConferenceSMART Management, Inc is excited to attend the NH Providers Association Conference. This conference for alcohol and other drug service providers is being held October 16th at the Holiday Inn of Concord, NH.

This will be SMART’s first year attending the NH Providers Annual Conference. Networking at this event is beneficial for not only substance abuse treatment professionals, but also EHR providers. Attendees are committed to learning more about the treatment field and about educating others.

For more than 20 years, addiction treatment providers have chosen SMART EHR Solution to improve their productivity and workflows. Because we work closely with our customers, we are able to refined our EHR to their needs. This has allowed us to meet the unique needs of state specific treatment programs. Further, our customized models allow teams to maximize efficiency when processing and implementing billing and clinical documentation requirements. As a result, we understand your needs and how to add value to your organization with:

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Robust features
  • Multi-program capacity
  • Revenue management
  • Meaningful use
  • Customer support 24/7

The SMART Solution is a continuously evolving, 100% paperless EHR tool. We are up-to-date with the ever-changing needs of the substance treatment, behavioral and mental health services. So, stop by our booth to get to know us! Grab a cup of espresso and see why leading treatment providers have chosen our EHR for all of their needs. We look forward to meeting you in New Hampshire.

About NH Providers

NH Providers Association was incorporated as a non-profit in August of 2004. Their mission is to advocate, facilitate, and enhance communication with funders, policy makers and the public. They support the members’ efforts to offer high-quality substance abuse prevention, treatment and intervention. Also, the NH Providers Association provides recovery support services for the citizens of New Hampshire.

SMART Customer Promesa

Software Partnership with Promesa, Inc.

promesa locationWe would like to welcome Promesa Inc. of Bronx, NY to SMART’s family of software partners. SMART is now fully utilized and integrated as a paperless system in all of the medication assisted treatment modalities that Promesa offers. Our Team is proud to serve such an amazing and influential community behavioral health resource. Promesa is an affordable community based drug and alcohol rehab facility that is a part of the Acacia treatment family, the largest Latino based behavioral health treatment facility in the world.

SMART would like to thank Promesa for their hospitality during our recent installation and training of the SMART’s Clinic Management Solution. The team at SMART is excited for the software transition that has been made, and we are fully prepared to support Promesa as a new SMART Partner.

About SMART Management, Inc.:
SMART’s Electronic Medical Record  is designed to meet your facilities every need. SMART Software manages your facility from admission to annual report. SMART’s Clinical, Medical and Financial Software Modules integrate any multi-modality treatment facility including Residential or Outpatient Substance Abuse, Methadone Maintenance and Behavioral Health. Learn how SMART can be your Partner.

SMART President David Piccoli, II

The Real Story. Benefits of Electronic Health Records

David Works to Purge Paperwork

SMART’s President/CEO David L. Piccoli, II

If you’re an opioid treatment professional you know the benefits of electronic health records. But, you may also know how frustrating an EHR can be if it’s not designed to handle your unique workflows.

In 1991 David Piccoli, II began working as an Administrative Assistant at Discovery House. After six months on the job, he was inspired to increase the clinic’s efficiencies. He thought there must be a better way to manage the facility’s endless flow of patient records, billing, and paperwork. “I just saw it to be very chaotic,” Piccoli recalled. “Nobody had access to information quickly.” But Piccoli wasn’t satisfied with any of the electronic-records products then on the market.  The majority of EHR’s focused on just one piece of the business, such as third-party billing or clinic records. “No one ever really combined everything together,” he recalled.

So, Piccoli decided to create the EHR he wanted. He partnered with a computer programmer who was also an old family friend, Paul LeBeau. Together, they built a new clinic management software application for Discovery House. The idea was to digitize and automate a facility’s paperwork, from patient dosing and drug testing to scheduling and third-party billing. It worked so well that they formed SMART Management, Inc. to offer the program to other clinics. This EHR, The SMART Solution, was an integral part of making Discovery House such a successful organization.



Twenty-five years later, SMART has grown into one of the most highly regarded EHR solutions for OTP’s. It is a 100% paperless EHR that provides robust automation to manage an entire clinic’s operations. The SMART Solution is specialized for organizations offering opioid treatment programs in substance abuse services, however, integrates behavioral health services as well. The company serves addiction treatment partners in 24 states/territories. “We’re what you’d call a one-stop shop,” said Piccoli. “It’s everything. From the moment a patient calls the facility, we track all the information.” Once a clinic decides to purchase the SMART’s EHR, an implementation expert visits the facility to ascertain its requirements. The program is written so that its settings can be tweaked to match various kinds of operations.

The company is also at the forefront of an industry that is set to grow in the next decade. As the nation continues to deal with the rising cost of health care, electronic medical records are often cited as a way of bringing down expenses while reducing errors and improving care. Not surprisingly, Piccoli is a firm believer in the benefits of tracking patient information electronically. “I don’t understand how anybody can operate without it,” he said.

Other Benefits of Electronic Health Records

EHR Implementation and Training at ASSMCA

EHR implementation and training at ASSMCA in 2016

Part of what makes this EHR effective, Piccoli said, is that it allows counselors to input patient information directly and those with authorization can also easily access a patient’s complete history at the facility. “One of my big pushes when we developed this, early on, was not to make it a data-entry product – to truly make it a product people would use,” he said. The sensitivity of the information also makes safeguarding privacy a key concern for the company’s programmers. After they log into the system, clinic employees are shown a different window based on their access privileges – so a receptionist sees only the scheduling calendar, while a doctor or a counselor can access full patient records.

Additional benefits include patient-centered design, 100% paperless operations, instant and secure data, live and on-call support, and free updates. Modules in The SMART Solution help to increase admissions, streamline dosing, reduce risk, promote team collaboration, accelerate test results, and maximize revenue. Learn more


Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Einstein Chooses SMART’s EHR for Electronic Patient Record Management

albert einstein college of medicineProvidence, RI (July 14, 2008)— Albert Einstein College of Medicine now partners with SMART Management for Electronic Patient Record Management. SMART’s EHR facilitates their needs with a clinical operations software package. Einstein is one of the nation’s premier institutions for medical education, basic research, and clinical investigation. Further, they operate six community health centers in addition to the University Hospital and treat approximately 3200 patients per year.

Paul LeBeau, SMART’s VP of Software, stated, “We are extremely pleased to have this association with the prestigious Albert Einstein group. The addition of Primary Care to our SMART paperless clinic package enables us to become even more useful in medical treatment.”

More Than an Electronic Patient Record

The SMART Solution, a 100% paperless EHR, is a complete clinic management system for OTPs.  This EHR helps opioid treatment programs a become some of the most effective and efficient treatment providers in the industry. The SMART Solution provides functionality to enable; increased admissions, streamlined-dosing, improved team collaboration, accelerated test results and maximized revenue. SMART Partners also benefit from the reliability, security and cost savings associated with this EHR. Moreover, EHR users receive personalized live and on-call support 24/7/365. SMART’s knowledgeable Support Team provides services personalized to customer needs. Additional services include training, CARF audit preparation, network management, system administration and custom development.  Learn more