EHR for Patient Care at AATOD 2016

EHR for Patient Care at AATOD 2016

Patient Care at AATOD 2016

SMART is pleased to announce our return as an exhibitor at the AATOD 2016 Conference in Baltimore, MD. Patient care is this year’s primary focus, “Saving Lives: Access to Improved Health & Recovery”. AATOD brings together thought leaders from across the nation to share their passion for patient care and recovery. As a result, this gathering yields invaluable industry knowledge rarely found all in one place. Learning more about the ever-changing needs of the opioid treatment industry draws us to this conference year after year. Also, we look forward to reuniting with our customers, as well as all treatment providers. Our interactions with attendees directly impacts the evolution of our EHR.

Supporting Better Patient Care

EHR for Patient Care at AATOD 2016Last year we saw an influx in new attendees energized to share and learn best practices. This change undoubtedly correlates with the growing opioid epidemic. Our nation’s continuing recovery struggle is what influences continuous development of the SMART Solution.

Helping providers deliver the best in class patient care is what drives the functionalities we build into our opioid treatment EHR. The carefully designed features of our EHR can help to implement efficiencies across treatment organizations.

For 25 years SMART Management’s EHR the SMART Solution has helped opioid treatment providers improve collaboration and increase their efficiency. As SMART customer Turning Point of Bermuda said, “Patient files are easily accessible with the press of a button and we are better able to coordinate patient care initiatives.”

Please stop by booth #307, register to win this year’s gift give away and learn how our EHR can help you improve patient care.


The American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence holds this conference every eighteen months. This event brings together national and international opioid treatment professionals for 3 days of knowledge sharing. More specifically, attendees delve into evidence-based clinical practice, current research breakthroughs and organizational developments affecting the future of opioid addiction treatment. Also, AATOD works with federal and state agencies to develop guidelines for improving patient care in the substance abuse treatment field. Learn more and register for the conference.




The Change of an Era – Discovery House


Hey Virginia!

VAMARP-group We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Virginia Association of Medication Assisted Recovery Programs (VAMARP) Annual Conference in Richmond, VA. Stop by our booth, take a tour of SMART and see why many leading treatment providers have chosen our software for all of their EHR needs.

SMART’s EHR Software is a comprehensive paperless electronic health record that provides automated solutions to address the critical business functions of Insurance Billing, Admissions, Clinical and Medical Service Delivery, Incident Report Management and the Quality Control reports needed to effectively manage your treatment facility.

Whether you operate medication-assisted treatment, outpatient, mental health, residential or a combination of services – SMART Software is all you will need.


The Virginia Association of Medication Assisted Recovery Programs (VAMARP) was founded in 2004 to serve as a resource, promote growth, enhance patient care and advocated for funding to behavioral health and medical treatment, educational/vocational programs, and other ancillary services that support best practice for patients.


ASAP 16th Annual Conference

ASAP_LogoAre you an addiction treatment professional in New York State? Join us at the ASAP 16th Annual Conference (Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State Association) at the Saratoga Hilton and City Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.

ASAP is an excellent resource for organizations, groups and individuals that prevent and alleviate the profound personal, social and economic consequences of alcoholism and substance abuse. SMART proudly serves several prominent New York customers including Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Acacia, Greenwich House and Staten Island University Hospital. Working closely as partners, SMART has refined our EHR Software to meet the unique needs of each multi-modality New York Treatment Organization.

SMART Software is a leader in the state of New York, providing a Certified Paperless Electronic Health Record and Clinic Management Software to organizations providing Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Services. Our customized New York Software model allows your team to be efficient when processing and implementing NY billing and clinical documentation requirements.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Welcoming Pinnacle Treatment Centers

The SMART Software Division is pleased to announce that Pinnacle Treatment Centers has chosen SMART as the EHR Software vendor for their locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan and Kentucky, providing drug-free inpatient and outpatient treatment, medically-assisted treatment, and counseling for drug addiction.

SMART’s implementation team recently visited Pulaski Medical of Pinnacle Treatment Centers for their first SMART Software installation. Our team was impressed by the beauty of this rural Virginia town and by the hospitality of Pulaski’s staff. They do a truly wonderful job of providing a clean and safe environment for patient treatment.  We are thrilled to welcome Pinnacle Treatment Centers to our family of SMART partners and look forward to continuing our integration.

About Pinnacle Treatment Centers

PinnacleTreatmentCentersPinnacle Treatment Centers is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They began in 2006 with the acquisition of four treatment centers in Pittsburgh and Johnstown. Since then, they have expanded to provide facilities in New Jersey, Kentucky, and Virginia. Each year, their facilities provide drug addiction treatment and services at 20 facilities.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers provide inpatient and outpatient treatment for those suffering from addiction. Their services include drug-free and medication-assisted treatment, including Suboxone, methadone, substance disorders, and co-occurring disorders. They provide these treatments along with medical evaluation and counseling for our clients and their families. Through a network of facilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Kentucky, Pinnacle treats more than 7,500 people every day.

SMART EHR at Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference

Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference

utah fall substance abuse conferenceSMART Management, Inc is excited to attend the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference. The substance use disorders conference is being held September, 24th – 26th at The Dixie Convention Center located in St. George, UT.

In fact, this is SMART’s first year attending the Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference. Particularly, we are drawn to this conference for its proven informational benefits to substance abuse treatment professionals. Moreover, attendees are committed to learning more about the field and to educating others on treatment best practices.

utah fall substance abuse conferenceSubstance Abuse Treatment in Utah

Utah treatment providers have chosen the SMART Solution’s opioid treatment EHR to improve their productivity and workflows. Most notably, we have proudly served Utah customer Discovery House – The Center for Recovery and Hope for more than 18 years. As a result, we have refined our EHR Software to meet the needs of this unique multi-modality Utah Treatment Organization. Furthermore, our customized Utah State model allows opioid treatment teams to increase efficiency when processing and implementing billing and clinical documentation requirements. SMART Software understands your needs and how to add value to your organization with:

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Robust Features
  • Multi-program capacity
  • Revenue Management
  • Meaningful use
  • Customer support 24/7

SMART Software is a continuously evolving, 100% paperless EHR tool. We are up-to-date and in touch with the ever-changing needs of Utah Substance Treatment, Behavioral and Mental Health Services. So, stop by our conference booth, get to know us, grab a cup of espresso, take a tour of the SMART Solution.

Also, come see why leading treatment providers have chosen our Software for all of their EHR needs. We look forward to seeing our current Utah State customers and meeting other area treatment facilities.


NH Providers Association Conference logo

NH Providers Association Conference 2014

NH Providers Association ConferenceSMART Management, Inc is excited to attend the NH Providers Association Conference. This conference for alcohol and other drug service providers is being held October 16th at the Holiday Inn of Concord, NH.

This will be SMART’s first year attending the NH Providers Annual Conference. Networking at this event is beneficial for not only substance abuse treatment professionals, but also EHR providers. Attendees are committed to learning more about the treatment field and about educating others.

For more than 20 years, addiction treatment providers have chosen SMART EHR Solution to improve their productivity and workflows. Because we work closely with our customers, we are able to refined our EHR to their needs. This has allowed us to meet the unique needs of state specific treatment programs. Further, our customized models allow teams to maximize efficiency when processing and implementing billing and clinical documentation requirements. As a result, we understand your needs and how to add value to your organization with:

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Robust features
  • Multi-program capacity
  • Revenue management
  • Meaningful use
  • Customer support 24/7

The SMART Solution is a continuously evolving, 100% paperless EHR tool. We are up-to-date with the ever-changing needs of the substance treatment, behavioral and mental health services. So, stop by our booth to get to know us! Grab a cup of espresso and see why leading treatment providers have chosen our EHR for all of their needs. We look forward to meeting you in New Hampshire.

About NH Providers

NH Providers Association was incorporated as a non-profit in August of 2004. Their mission is to advocate, facilitate, and enhance communication with funders, policy makers and the public. They support the members’ efforts to offer high-quality substance abuse prevention, treatment and intervention. Also, the NH Providers Association provides recovery support services for the citizens of New Hampshire.

New Brunswick Counseling Center logo

Welcoming New Brunswick Counseling Centers

New Customer Announcement

New Brunswick Counseling Centers Team

The SMART Software Division is pleased to announce that New Brunswick Counseling Centers has chosen SMART as the EHR Software vendor for their 2 clinic locations, in Mount Holly and New Brunswick NJ, providing comprehensive, evidenced-based, integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment services. They selected SMART for our distinct expertise in developing electronic health record software tailored to fit the mental health and substance abuse treatment fields. We are very pleased and honored to have New Brunswick Counseling Center’s trust and partnership. SMART is excited for the new partnership and looks forward to supporting this agency’s efforts.

About New Brunswick Counseling Centers

New Brunswick Counseling CenterFounded in the early 1970’s, New Brunswick Counseling Center became a private, non-profit agency in 1982. Today, New Brunswick Counseling Center is fully staffed to treat people with mental health, substance use and/or co-occurring disorders.

New Brunswick Counseling Center is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  New Brunswick Counseling Center is funded and licensed by the NJ State Department of Human Services to provide outpatient treatment for substance use and mental health disorders and by Middlesex County Department of Human Services.



Welcoming New Partner ASSMCA

ASSMCAApril, 2014 – SMART’s Software Division is pleased to announce that ASSMCA (the government of Puerto Rico, Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción) has chosen the SMART Solution as the preferred EHR vendor. Specifically, they selected SMART for our EHR expertise and quality of customer relations. Altogether, the SMART Solution now operates in their 8 treatment programs around the island. Our EHR will help increase productivity and promote patient recovery for their 8000 patients. 

We are very pleased and honored to have their trust and partnership.


Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción (ASSMCA) established programs to provide a comprehensive system of care at different levels of services which are offered promptly, confidentially, respectfully and efficiently.  They administer mental health and addiction or substance dependence services for prevention, care, mitigation and resolution in order to promote and preserve the health of the people of Puerto Rico.

Their goal is to promote, maintain and restore optimum mental health of the people of Puerto Rico. ASSMCA also strives to ensure that their services are accessible, cost effective and offered in a high quality atmosphere with respect and confidentiality.



SMART's Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau

EHR Behavioral Health Certification / Adoption Hearing – SMART Vice President Testified

SMART's Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau

SMART’s Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau

On Tuesday January 28, 2014 SMART’s Vice President of Product and Technology, Paul LeBeau testified at the EHR (Electronic Health Record) Behavioral Health Certification / Adoption Workgroup Virtual Hearing on BH (Behavioral Healthcare) EHR Certification. Providence, RI based SMART Management, Inc. was invited to participate in the Vendor Perspective portion of the work group to offer a professional perspective on how ONC Behavioral Health Certification may impact the field. The following is a summary of his testimony:

“SMART Management started out organically to improve operations of our own substance abuse facilities by automating our information management systems ultimately creating a 100% paperless clinic.  21 years later, SMART Management manages and operates Discovery House, a national system of 18 fully-accredited facilities, and provides a fully-certified EHR solution with more than 120 installations internationally.

Our unique vendor and provider perspective allows SMART to understand both the demands and impact that national certification initiatives place on the end user and the vendor.

We recognized the benefits and value of a widely-adopted EHR Certification standard for healthcare. We chose to certify our EHR for this reason and, from a software provider’s perspective, to ensure business continuity in this changing healthcare environment.

In the substance abuse treatment sector, IT functionality has been fragmented at best. Even today, with many EHR solutions available, there is a wide range of implementations from nothing at all, to several disparate systems that have little or no interoperability.

While our solution is singular, comprehensive and ONC Certified, many of our customers are not pursuing meaningful use incentives, as it would require them to adopt workflows to demonstrate meaningful use that are not meaningful to them in their treatment environments.

While acknowledging the benefits of utilizing a certified EHR, the costs to implement an EHR are substantial. From a consumer’s perspective overall cost of health care provision is increasing while revenue is decreasing. Without some form of incentive, providers who are motivated by improved care, and transitions of care, would have difficulty covering the costs. For this reason, we feel that the potential wide-spread adoption of a voluntary behavioral health certification is low. Without broad adoption, the degree to which information exchange improves care is limited.

For information exchange between primary care and behavioral health to be meaningful and useful, a certification program must be based upon a holistic redefinition of “health care”, treating the whole person, body and mind. Primary care should have more of an interest in substance abuse treatment and substance abuse treatment needs closer involvement with primary care. The Health Homes initiative and State Health Information Exchanges are helping to eventually bring this together.

From the substance abuse treatment perspective, EHR certification would help to improve information exchange, but from a patient perspective, information exchange could be perceived as compromising privacy and confidentiality. This perception is more about the potential re-disclosure of information than it is with the process of sharing the information with a Health Information Exchange.

Confidentiality requirements in substance abuse treatment pose significant challenges to the providers’ ability to participate in data exchange. For example, uploading patient substance abuse data to a Health Information Exchange is problematic, because 42 CFR Part 2 requires signed consents to list all individuals who may access that data. This is difficult at best initially, and impossible to maintain over time as membership in the HIE changes. There are efforts underway (e.g. RI CurrentCare) to establish a process that complies with 42 CFR Part 2, but without revision to those regulations, it seems those efforts will remain hindered.

Beyond the benefits of information interchange, for clinical quality measures to be meaningful, they have to be specific to the healthcare sector. Uniform data assessment and measurement criteria in behavioral health would be needed to benefit the diverse community of providers.

In closing, while SMART is in favor of establishing an ONC Certification Program specifically oriented towards behavioral health, we would encourage that this program:

  • Be incentivized to maximize its potential for success, at the same time broadening the eligible provider pool to include clinicians.
  • Be based upon measures specifically oriented towards behavioral health.
  • Amends 42 CFR Part 2 to support this program, removing a major barrier to its adoption.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to offer this testimony and look forward to continued participate in the future.” A part of what makes SMART such a great company to work for is our associates. Each and every member of our team is valued for their individuality and commitment to those we serve.

Get to know our company history…For more than 20 years, SMART’s expertise in managing substance abuse treatment facilities and partnerships with EHR Software customers from around the world has fueled our software innovations.

There is always something new and exciting happening at SMART. Our news page is host to a wide range of articles and topics that will help get you caught up on company updates, customer news and industry trends.