Welcoming New Acacia / Promesa Locations

Addiction Treatment EHR in New York

SMART Management, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Acacia Network chose SMART’s EHR. Promesa (apart of Acacia) runs the SMART Solution in their Bonx, Buffalo, and Albany locations. Promesa serves individuals pursuing recovery from addiction. Moreover, they offer a range of services including methadone maintenance, outpatient and residential, residential detox, and mental health.

Acadia / Promesa selected SMART for our expertise in the addiction field and for our dedicated services. Furthermore, our paperless electronic health record software integrates all modalities they offer. As a result, their organization has the ability to run with even greater efficiency. We are honored to have Acacia Network’s trust and partnership. Michael Carruthers, Sales Director, said that “Promesa is a tremendous and sophisticated organization. We look forward to being their software partner for years to come.”

About Acacia

Acadia Network PromesaAcadia was established in 1969. The Latino-based agencies offer services in health, housing, and economic development. Furthermore, it is their mission to partner with communities, lead change and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families.